Google Analytics announces multi-funnel channels

Until now, all of us dedicated to the development of display campaigns, SEO, SEM, etc, have had a big problem on our hands: The attribution of the last click.

The problem with attributing the last click is that it doesn’t matter how many visits and through which media they occur. Google Analytics attributes the conversion to the last medium through which it arrived.

To put it simply, we give you an example:

  1. A visitor conducts a search on Google for shoes, and clicks an Adwords ad.
  2. He visits the site, but does not buy anything and leaves.
  3. The next week, he remembers that there was a good deal, and searches Google again, for the store brand, and clicks the on organic results (not paid).
  4. He comes back to the website, and purchases.
  5. In the Google Analytics Conversion report the purchase is attributed to free visits through search engines.

Well, therein lies the major drawback: What initially generated the sale was the Adwords campaign but, ultimately, the conversion was attributed to SEO (positioning in search engines). But … who actually contributed to it? The best answer is: both.

However, yesterday through a post by Distilled (where I also found the pictures), I learned that Google Analytics is working on Multi-channel Funnels. Now, we will be able to know the contribution of different media to a conversion.

Among the options are:

Top Conversion Paths:

As you can see, the chart shows visitors’ most common paths to be converted. This is helpful because it allows us to know the behavior of our visitors prior to a conversion.


Best of all, you can combine various media in a single group. For example, you could join searches by brand and shortcuts to create the group Brand.

Top Conversion Paths

Path Length

This option indicates the number of interactions a visitor required to convert. With this, you can define whether the buying cycles of your visitors are short or long, and how to improve your campaigns based on this information.


Assisted Conversions

Another important option is assisted conversions. With this we can see every media, source or group, and the input it had on the conversion; either assisted (was part of the interactions) or as the last interaction before the conversion.

Assisted Conversions

As you can see, these new options will revolutionize the way in which we work and, even, present reports to our clients.

This option is not yet released, but we hope it will soon be in our Google Analytics.

If you would like to see a video that explains how it works:

If you would like to see the tool in action:

Update (04/15/11)
Through this Analytics Tips post we can see complementary information on the subject. On a another topic, an option called Multi-Channel Mix that is quite interesting.

Carlo Rodríguez CEO y Consultor de Marketing Online

Carlo Rodríguez CEO y Consultor de Marketing Online